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[vc_row no_margin=”true” padding_top=”0px” padding_bottom=”0px” border=”none”][vc_column width=”1/1″][text_output]Location: Trunkey
Contact Name: Barbara Parrington
Contact Phone: 02 6368 8640[/text_output][gap size=”2em”][text_output]Open Class Judge: Mr Don Bolt

Place Worker Dog Name Points Total
1.  Laurie Slater  Me Mate Storm Boy  83+83  166
2.  Rob Pamment  Rowen Bo  84+77  161
3.  Mick Hudson Wondara Snap  85+54  139
4.  Mick Hudson  MGH Jana  84+47  131
5.  Pip Hudson  Hudsons Lott  82+LS  82
6.  John Parrington  Rockbarton Jerry 2nd  81+X  81
u/p  Julie Birkett  TK Middy  80+X  80

[/text_output][gap size=”2em”][text_output]Improver Class Judge: Mr Don Bolt

Place Worker Dog Name Points Total
1.  Rob Pamment  Rowen Dot  78+83  161
2.  Peter Oxley  Ryan’s Dye  78+74  152
3.  Charlie Cover  Windeyer Ella  77+73  150
4.  Rob Pamment  Rowen Bo  84+46  130
u/p  Anne Bolt  Pushemup IFF  77+15  92

[/text_output][gap size=”2em”][text_output]Novice Class Judge: Mr Don Bolt

Place Worker Dog Name Points Total
1.  Charlie Cover  Windeyer Libby  78+83  161
2.  Charlie Cover  Windeyer Ella  77+80  157
3.  Julie Birkett  MHG Kim  66+82  148
4.  Laurie Slater  Zefree Marlow  72+74  146
5.  Peter Oxley  Rivlin Jet  64+35  99
u/p  Russell Carney  Antarn Sal  71+X  71

[/text_output][gap size=”2em”][text_output]Encourage Class Judge: Mr Don Bolt

Place Worker Dog Name Points Total
1.  Paul Prentice  Ringtail Russ  51
=2.  Bill Hopper  Me Mate Frankie  50
=2.  Eileen Moriarty  Windeyer Lillee  50

[/text_output][gap size=”2em”][text_output]Special Awards

Tom Anderson Breeders Trophy
Mick Hudson            MGH Jana              84
Rob Pamment            Rowen’s Bo           84

Robert & Sue Thompson Highest Scoring Lady  Worker
Julie Birkett              TK Middy               80

Rowen Matchet Highest Scoring Kelpie
Anne Bolt                   Pushemup IFF      77

Allendale Stud Highest Scoring Loocal Worker
1st   John Parrington     Rockbarton Jerry 2nd      81
2nd   Peter Oxley            Ryan’s Dye                         78
3rd   Russell Carney      Antarn Sal                           71


Trunkey Creek 13th Annual Dogpro Sheep Dog Trial was run in cool fine weather, with no frosts but couple of light showers Sunday. The merino weathers used were very testing but good trial sheep, and were provided by John Wilton  from Trunkey Creek and transported by Geoff Gilbert. The trial was judged by Don Bolt from South Australia.

The competition again was of a very high standard with only 5 points difference in those going into the open final.

Many thanks to Dogpro and  our many Blayney Bathurst and Orange Sponsors for their support.

We had a larger than usual number of  entries   this year with 218 dogs and 50 workers entering. Thank you everyone for your support of our trial.

Due to the large number of entries we started on Wednesday at 10.30am and  7.30am the rest of the days working until nearly dark to get through. We had five very long days. We thank the workers for being at  the starting peg  promptly to help us get through.

Many thanks to those who helped us at the trial either in the yards or time keeping.

The committee wishes to thank all those who attended the trial and hope you had an enjoyable time and we see you all back next year.

Barbara Parrington[/text_output][/vc_column][/vc_row]