Puppy Connections

If you’re looking for a working dog puppy from one of our members or as a member you have a litter available, please contact the NSWSDW Registrar – Ann Moy – ularabcollies@bigpond.com or 0438084351

Genuine Enquiries Only

Available Litters


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last updated 22/9/23

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Litter 3

New South Wales Sheepdog Workers Inc does not warrant any of the puppy sales that take place between its members and any purchaser. The purchase of a puppy from a breeder is a private transaction between the seller and the buyer.

All members of the NSWSDWI agree to adhere to the Code of Welfare agreed upon by all Livestock Working Members regarding breeding of their working dogs. For further information go to https://asdwa.org.au/wpcontent/uploads/2015/05/2012-WKC-Welfarecode-justified-Version.pdf